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Our Curriculum

Learning takes on a whole new meaning at M.Y World, because we adopt a learner-centred and inquiry approach to teaching. Children participate actively in their learning as they Wonder, Discover and Learn.

Our Teaching & Learning Approach

Our Teaching & Learning Approach

M.Y World adopts a learner-centred teaching approach that engages children’s learning through active participation (experiential) and exploration, inquiry and reflection.


Our S.T.R.O.N.G

Our S.T.R.O.N.G Principles

As children participate in activities involving these six learning areas, they acquire concepts, skills and dispositions that will develop them into team players, reflective inquirers, independent problem solvers, effective communicators


Our LearningEnvironment

Our Learning Environment

M.Y World is committed to providing a safe and conducive environment for every child to learn and explore. Each of our centres is carefully planned and thoughtfully designed with the objective to support our curricular goals.


Our Programmes

M.Y World programmes are designed to satisfy the curiosity of children from different age groups and engage their minds to pursue understanding through reasoning, hypothesising, posing questions and predicting answers to the questions.

What Parents Say

A heartfelt thank you to the dedicated teachers and staff at M.Y World @ Anchorvale Parkview.

This year marked my son Zayn Mikhail’s graduation, and bidding farewell to the caring educators at Anchorvale Parkview was a poignant moment. The school’s team, particularly Teacher Ms. Hazel and Ms. Chen Lao shi, have excelled in fostering a positive mindset in the children. The principals are quick to address issues with composure, demonstrating effective teamwork during morning check-ins.

Special appreciation goes to all the support staff, including Ms Li Ting, for her love and kind words towards the kids, including my son Zayn. Our sincere thanks to all staff members; they have gone above and beyond and truly deserve recognition!

Mohideen & Mariam
Parents of Zayn Mikhail
M.Y World @ Anchorvale Parkview

I am writing to express my gratitude to M.Y World @ Ang Mo Kio Central for the outstanding support and dedication provided to both my daughters this year. My older daughter recently graduated, and witnessing the incredible work done by the school and teachers, I am truly thankful for the decision to transfer my oldest daughter to M.Y World in 2019 and subsequently enrolling my younger one as well.


M.Y World has indeed become a secure space for my children’s learning, development, and growth. I would like to extend a special appreciation to Teacher Bryana Huang, Cai Xue, Amalina and Ling Dan for their dedication. I am truly appreciative of the positive impact M.Y World has made on her educational journey.

Tan Suvenna
Parent of Sim Sharize and Sim Shaynah
M.Y World @ Ang Mo Kio Central

We would like to extend our most sincere compliments to the teachers and staff of M.Y World @Bukit Batok West Plains 1, especially the form teachers of PG Caring, Teacher Wani & 辛老师. Thank you for the care you have shown to Kirina over the past year.

We truly appreciate the careful thought and planning that goes into the various activities, field trips, and celebrations. The attention and care rendered to our daughter’s well-being are impeccable too. The periodic reviews are also thoughtful and professional, enabling us to track her progress and chronicle her golden steps in growing up. Please keep up the good work, and thank you for taking such good care of our daughter!

Hong Sung
Parent of Kirina
M.Y World @ Bukit Batok West Plains 1

I want to express my gratitude to M.Y World Preschool for providing a secure and safe environment for our child. As a mother, my top priority has always been my child’s happiness, health, and security, and finding this at your preschool is reassuring.

Over the past 10 months, Archer has transformed from a hesitant preschooler to one who eagerly enters the school gates every morning. He returns home excited to share about his day, from what he had for lunch to the friends he made, the songs they sang, and the books they read. Seeing his enthusiasm when he talks about school brings me immense joy and assures me that he is well-cared for here.

Teacher Paulyn’s name is a daily presence in our home. Archer has been using American Sign Language (ASL) from birth, but it was Teacher Paulyn’s consistent encouragement to ‘use your words’ and her engaging conversations that have significantly improved his articulateness.

Yvette Cheong
Parent of Archer Loh
M.Y World @ Canberra Eastlink

Due to all the consistent guidance at school, Hayley is now quite an independent child and is able to do many things on her own. Hayley often tells me that she enjoys the company of her assistant teacher, Mdm Woo, at school whenever I ask her how school is.

Overall, having enrolled my child with M.Y World @ Admiralty for close to 2 years, I am pleased with the educators at the centre as they are really friendly and caring. As such, I do not have any qualms about reaching out to them should I have any concerns.

Thank you, M.Y World Preschool!

Qian Ping
Parents of Wang Yi Ting, Hayley
M.Y World @ Admiralty