Building Strong Kids, Strong Families and Strong Communities

M.Y World Preschool was founded by Metropolitan YMCA in 1980 and is committed to provide affordable and quality infant and child care services to our communities. We adopt a learner-centred and inquiry-based approach, with an emphasis on sustainability, character development and teaching of values. M.Y World Preschool was appointed an Anchor Operator (AOP) by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in 2014. Our staff and teachers are passionate about teaching and dedicated to providing experiences that inspire your child’s love of learning!

We welcome you and your family to become a part of the M.Y World community where we truly value each individual child. We believe that effective partnership with you is key to a child’s early development. Together, we hope to engage young children in creative learning experiences that build character, strong values, self-confidence, and independence.

To be a child care of choice that builds strong kids, strong families, strong communities

To nurture character and inspire learning in each child in partnership with parents

• Children are confident explorers, creative thinkers, curious learners and caring individuals

M.Y World Preschool puts values first as we are committed to developing each child holistically. We believe that a values-centred approach in preschool education can positively influence a child’s character development and social competency, which are factors vital in guiding him or her towards success, apart from academic achievements. Values are taught and reinforced every day in our programmes:

Each child’s potential is cultivated within a conducive and loving environment.

Each child’s integrity and character is shaped by observing good role models.

Each child is seen as an individual endowed with unique talents and abilities.

Each child’s holistic development is undertaken in partnership with parents and the community.

Apart from our core curriculum, learning experiences outside the classroom provide further opportunities for children to apply these important values in different environments. Here are some projects that families participate in:

  • Volunteering Our Time
    Our centres organise regular visits to senior activity centres and nursing homes. During these visits, our children interact with the seniors, learn about their lifestyles and entertain them with performances. Through such activities, we hope to inculcate the values of respect and care for others. These opportunities also encourage intergenerational bonding between children and seniors in our neighbourhoods.
  • Donating Our Resources
    Once a year, our centres invite parents and children to participate in M.Y Manna programme where you donate essential provisions (food and toiletries) to underprivileged families and individuals in our community. This programme helps families who struggle with severe health issues, unemployment, retrenchment or incarceration. Do consider participating in this meaningful programme.