Dear Readers,

Every Child Deserves A Champion
Your child’s early years are crucial. They form the foundation of a child’s lifelong learning and character development. Early childhood is filled with active experiential learning, as each new encounter with people, surroundings and experiences becomes wired into your child’s understanding of the world.

Persons your child interact with during this time will be the role models through whom he will learn and develop. As a parent, you want to entrust the care of your infant or child to someone who cares – someone who takes a personal interest in your child’s well being and development.

At one of the Early Childhood conferences, the commitment to quality through the development of manpower, with strong support for professionals in the early childhood sector was reiterated. M.Y World shares the same commitment to growing our educators to be champions for your children.

Professor Lasse Lipponen of University of Helsinki who was keynote speaker at the conference presented research showing that all children are biologically wired and culturally tuned to learn. The role of educators is then less of direct teaching, but to scaffold learning and encourage social interactions. High quality interactions are crucial for effective pedagogy. Focusing too much on academic skills may actually inhibit a child’s development – replacing the power of emotions and hands-on activities as a development force.

Phyllis Tan
Director, M.Y World Preschool
ED & CEO, Metropolitan YMCA Singapore