Gardening Fiesta at M.Y World

“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein.

M.Y World @ Bishan Centre is partnering with National Parks Board on a series of gardening workshops to nurture our children’s green thumb. Not only is gardening a fun and healthy activity, it also helps children to develop their knowledge in environmental science and cultivates their appreciation for nature.

These gardening workshops also provide great opportunities for our parents and children to bond and learn together as they grow their own food!

The fun kicks off with a “Watch the Seeds Grow” segment whereby our children observed the growing stages of various plants such as lady’s fingers, green beans, long beans and brinjal. The activity also enabled our children to learn about the process of germination of seeds in egg trays. Our children were also encouraged to keep a journal for observation of the seeds’ growth cycle.


Our children were introduced to more hands-on activities as they proceeded with some outdoor gardening. Working in small groups, this activity encouraged teamwork and creativity among the children as they try out various ways to grow their food in what was the very first agricultural project for most of them.

Many of our children were also joined by their families as they volunteered to care for the plants outside the centre every week. Their efforts blossomed while they had fun planting new pots for our indoor plants to be displayed in the classrooms!

Apart from the various benefits stated above, our children has learnt to be responsible individuals as they care for the plants while honing their locomotor skills through the physical aspects of the activity. The self-confidence of our children were significantly boosted as they witness the fruits of their own labour.

At M.Y World, we are committed to nurturing our children to be selfless and nature-loving leaders who care about the world we live in. Interested in signing your kids for a preschool programme at M.Y World @ Bishan? Click here to register now or find the nearest M.Y World centre near you!