We encourage all parents interested in M.Y World Preschool to register their interest using Preschool Search, the central Registration Management System managed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

The RMS is an online system that aims to bring greater convenience to both parents and child care operators. It is also available in a mobile friendly version and enables parents to search for suitable child care centres for their children and indicate interest to register at their preferred centres. The system also helps child care centres better manage registrations. Parents can register their interest in up to ten centres at a time, six months before your desired enrolment date.

As more parents and centres use the system, it will provide ECDA with more comprehensive demand and supply information which helps in the planning of child care capacity.


  • On the Preschool Search portal, search for “MY World Preschool”
  • You may register your interest with up to ten centres.
  • Fill in your child’s age and the type of child care programme desired.

M.Y World Preschool will receive a notification of your registration. Once there is a vacancy, our staff will contact you.

Once offered a place, you must accept it within seven days. If you choose not to accept, the place will go to the next person on the waiting list. However, you will remain on the waiting list of the other centres you have registered for.

For more information on registration, visit the ECDA website or contact us.