To register your interest in M.Y World Preschool, please download the LifeSG app, the one-stop portal for Government services.


    1. Download and login to LifeSG app.
    2. Click on “Services”.
    3. Click on “Education & Learning”.
    4. Click on “Search for a Preschool”, click on “Search for a preschool” button once page loads.
    5. Select preferred preschool level. Then click “Next”.
    6. Select preferred preschool type. Then click “Next”.
    7. Select child’s citizenship. Then click “Next”.
    8. Search for the preschool by address or by name. Select the centre. Once selected, click on the bookmark icon at the top right hand of the page to bookmark the centre.
    9. A popup will appear. Click on “View List” on the popup and the list of bookmarked centres will appear. Click on “Proceed to indicate interest”.
    10. Click “Log in with Singpass”.
    11. Select the child you wish to indicate interest for. Fill in child’s information.
    12. Select the centre(s) for your child.
    13. Fill in your details.
    14. Review the information. Click on “Submit interest”.


For more information on registration, contact our centres here.