M.Y World recognizes the learning environment as the third teacher.

A purposefully designed learning environment is important as it provides opportunities for children to:

  • Explore a wide range of concrete, sensory and authentic materials that encourage learning through play
  • Foster relationships, communication and collaboration through meaningful activities
  • Develop creative thinking, questioning and problem-solving skills

The use of learning centres is one way to cater for children with different developmental needs and abilities. As such, besides providing a space for large group activities, teachers design spaces for small group activities that engage children in self-directed pursuit of knowledge and acquisition skills.

Learning centre activities are open-ended to encourage exploration and experimentation. They also provide opportunities for practice, reinforcement, enrichment and review.

M.Y Drama Hub

M.Y Cooking Studio

M.Y Photography Studio

M.Y Outdoor Play Garden

M.Y Readers Cove

M.Y Sensory Lodge

M.Y Timber Land

M.Y Quest Centre