M.Y World recognises that children benefit from programmes that

  • Encourages curiosity, communication, teamwork and learning
  • Facilitated by caring and qualified teachers
  • Undergirded by strong values

(Age 2 – 17 months)

Children are curious learners and natural explorers. With our carefully-structured learning facilities, experienced infant educarers and proven curriculum framework, our infants are able to learn and explore through experiential and multiple sensory experiences in safe and conducive environments. (Infant care services are only available at selected centres)

(Age 18 months – 2 years old)

At this stage, it is important for children to build secure relationships with adults and their peers as they start to interact more with people around them. Our teaching-learning approaches help toddlers to develop into confident communicators and efficient learners through quality interactions and uninterrupted play.

(Age 3 & 4 years old)

As children transit to Nursery, they began to pick up more words and phrases, and become more expressive with their emotions. Guided by our S.T.R.O.N.G principles and curriculum framework, our teachers act as facilitators to guide and empower the children to learn through active participation and inquiry-based approaches.

(Age 5 & 6 years old)

Preschool years are not only crucial in preparing children for their primary school journey, but also their lives ahead. Our core curriculum is focused on nurturing children holistically, both in character building and learning dispositions that will serve as strong foundations for them to grow into team players, reflective inquirers, independent problem solvers, effective communicators and resilient individuals in life.

Development Support-Learning Support

All M.Y World centres, with the exception of new centres, offer the Development Support-Learning Support (DS-LS) programme. This programme aims to provide low levels of early intervention support for K1 and K2 children. Targeted developmental or learning support is provided in areas such as literacy, speech and language, behaviours, social skills and fine/ gross motor skills. DS-LS programme is conducted within the preschool to support children in their natural learning environment. Click to find out more.

Excursions and Field Trips

To reinforce children’s learning in a meaningful context, excursions or field trips may be organised as part of an extension to enrich children’s learning experiences. These outings are educational and fun for the children.

Enrichment Programmes

M.Y World promotes healthy living by offering optional Enrichment Programmes for your children. You can register your child for Enrichment Programmes through the centre. The schedule of these programmes varies between different centres. As such, the centre will inform you when programmes are open for registration.

M.Y Dance (N1 to K2)

Designed exclusively for children aged 3 – 6, M.Y Dance gets children moving and sets their hearts pumping! Combining music and movement, the high energy dance sessions are packed with specially choreographed, child-friendly routines that will help your child improve memory, rhythm and sequencing.

M.Y Budding Actors (N1 to K2)

Your child will develop confidence, speech clarity, imagination and creativity by acting out stories and exercises that underscore character development.

Learning objectives:

  • Develop confidence
  • Speech clarity
  • Cultivate imagination and creativity
M.Y Tots and Tech (K 1 to K2) *NEW*

Crafted to engage your child to master Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Coding through simple forms, steps, patterns and designs in a fun and interactive manner. We explore the concepts with the use of everyday household items for children to relate AI/Coding/Engineering/Robotics (ACER) principles with their own daily environment.

    Learning objectives:

  • Develop logical thinking and sequential thought processes
  • Learn computational thinking that develops cognitive skills
  • Gain a head start in the world of computing


M.Y Camps (All levels)

Our camps not only provide your child fun and exciting experiences, but are designed to facilitate character growth as your child learns resilience, teamwork and other values that will stand him/her in good stead.

M.Y Musicians (PG to K2)

Your child will discover their sense of rhythm and musicality through play-based and teacher-guided programmes. Through our unique setup and a generous supply of instruments, your child will embark on an enchanting and lifelong journey of discovery, imagination and creativity in the world of music.

Learning objectives:

  • Musical foundation & literacy
  • Play-based and teacher-guided programmes
  • Range of musical instruments