M.Y World adopts a learner-centred teaching approach that engages children’s learning through active participation (experiential) and exploration, inquiry and reflection. This approach to teaching builds on the assumption that what the children think and do is more important in determining what is learned than what the teacher does.

In the midst of the activities, the children will begin to acquire concepts, skills and dispositions that will develop them into team players, reflective inquirers, independent problem solvers, effective communicators and resilient individuals in life.

“Provide-Respect-Observe” Curriculum (P-R-O)

Designed for the 0- to 3-year-olds, learning experiences focus on providing opportunities for the children to

  • Learn through exploration
  • Build secure relationships with adults, peers and others
  • Interact in meaningful ways during uninterrupted play

“Wonder-Discover-Learn” Curriculum (W-D-L)

Designed for the 4- to 6-year-olds, learning experiences focus on providing the children with opportunities to

  • Question and observe
  • Investigate and experiment
  • Reflect and talk about their learning
  • Apply what they have learned in a variety of contexts

“Enjoy-Experience-Express” Curriculum (E-E-E)

Designed for the learning of the Chinese, Malay and Tamil language, this cycle of planning focuses on providing the children with opportunities to

  • Enjoy learning Mother Tongue Languages
  • Experience and become aware of the uniqueness of its language and culture
  • Express themselves effectively through the language

Based on our core curriculum approaches, learning experiences are purposefully curated to empower children to make meaningful connections across different learning areas and contexts. In this way, children are encouraged to pursue learning in a holistic manner that will lead them to develop learning dispositions and attitudes that will prepare them to be lifelong learners.