Inside Look at the Career of a Preschool Educator With Rena Yeo

Most aspiring early preschool educators yearn to see their classrooms and centres filled with bright, colourful children’s artworks and laughter of the little ones. It is crucial to recognise that a child’s early years form the foundation of lifelong learning and character development. The role of a preschool educator is extensive and of paramount importance. They nurture and develop children to be strong, resilient learners, ready to take on their bright future.

At M.Y World, we thrive in connecting with experienced educators who instinctively know and proactively meet the needs of every individual child. We had the pleasure of inviting our educator Ms Rena Yeo Kai Wen from M.Y World @ Bishan to answer some commonly asked questions about the preschool sector. Read on to find out what it is like to be a preschool educator!

Ms Rena Yeo Kai Wen
Preschool Educator of M.Y World @ Bishan

Q: Why did you want to become a preschool educator?

I enjoy interacting and playing with younger children. I had the experience of assisting my sister in taking care of my niece and nephews since their birth. From these experiences, I discovered my passion and love for children. The personal reward and satisfaction of nurturing young children motivated me to enrol in Early Childhood Education at Ngee Ann Polytechnic as an Early Childhood Educator. Since then, my love for teaching grew, and I truly enjoy guiding the little ones to explore themselves and the world around them.

Q: If I were to walk into your classroom, what would I see?

When you walk into my classroom, you will see children being engaged in age-appropriate activities. You will also experience a conducive learning environment that encourages autonomy and independence in children as they can access learning materials independently. These planned activities cater to different learning needs and abilities.

“Teachers are facilitating children’s learning, engaging their lively minds through active questioning, exploration and observation during the activities.”

Q:  How do you encourage learning in your classroom?

I encourage learning in the classroom by supporting children through different roles, such as facilitating their discussion to promote appropriate behaviour for communication and collaboration. This allows them to model and demonstrate lifelong skills such as listening, paraphrasing, active questioning and respectful debating.

Q: How often do you communicate with parents and guardians to promote parental involvement?

I communicate with parents on a daily basis when they send their child to the centre or take their child home. Weekly updates on activities in school as well as their child’s development are also sent to parents via the M.Y World parent app. Parental involvement is also encouraged through our take-home kits or projects, gardening activities, parental talks and workshops conducted by a public speaker or our centre teachers.

Q: What is your hope for children?

As an Educator, I definitely hope that I can motivate children to learn and stimulate their thinking to gain knowledge through a variety of fun and innovative class activities. I want the children to enjoy their childhood years and cherish their fond memories of their learning experiences with me and their classmates, to remember the best times of their lives.

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